Intersect is a mobile application designed to ease the process of connecting with people on various social media.
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Intersect is a meta social media platform designed to facilitate human interaction in the modern age.

It is meant to make networking even more efficient by allowing users to add one another with the simple scan of their profile photo. User profiles contain buttons associated to the social media sites they are on, and when a user scans their profile that other user can go ahead and follow them on the platforms of their choice.

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The NEC API allows for image recognition via their servers and allows for images to have specific data stored in them, in our case we used these images to store user ID's for our application that we then used to retrieve information from Firebase.

Technologies Used

  • Android Studio (Java & XML)
  • Firebase
  • NEC's API
  • Twitter's Login API
  • Facebook Authentication via Firebase


  • Arkin Gupta
  • Mohammad Sharif
  • Jean-Luc Thumm
  • Nishant Mysore
  • Atsushi Yamamoto