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Note: My english is not perfect,i try to do my best, please help me to improve the documentation!


Unity 2D FrameWork Version

A free Unity 2D FrameWork that extends and brings more utilities for working in a 2D enviroment for Unity. Suggestions and any questions are welcome, leave it issues.


  • Editor:

    • Arj2Debug.cs: Gives the real position on the editor, rotation of GameObject when is not the father or center of GameObject.
    • Atlas2Prefab.cs: A Texture2D set in MultipleSprite, converts all Sprites to prefabs.
    • ChangeSpriteMaterial.cs: Change all materials in all SpriteRenders in GameObjects and children.
    • DisableAutoMipMaps.cs: Sets default to false in mipmap in all new sprites/texures.
    • Force2DSound.cs: Force all new sounds in project to be 2D.
    • QuadToSpriteSize: Can resize a selected GameObject (Sprite or Quad) to fill the whole screen of the main camera in ortographic or perspective mode.
    • SpriteOrder.cs: EditorWindow that helps manage all SpriteOrder (sortingLayerID and sortingOrder) of every SpriteRender on Scene.
    • SpriteShadow.cs: EditorWindow that shows all Sprites on Scene and can enable or disable cast and receive shadows (Need spriteShadow Shader).
    • TiledMapping.cs: A a simple tile editor inside Unity to create maps in 2D. An update to select a prefab folder coming.
  • Physics Material:

    • Plataform.
    • PlataformEnd.
    • Player.
  • Scripts:

    • Amath.cs: Math functions to work in 2D, like converting Vector3 to Vector2, get directions, distances, flipping a sprite, etc.
    • Arj2drandom.cs: Gets Random color, positions or probability like a coin among other things.
    • BlowFish.cs (includes PlayerPrefsX): Save and load with Encryption.
    • MersenneTwister.cs: An Algoritm for better randomness, can be used on procedural content.
    • MonoBehaviour2D.cs: MonoBehaviour optimized for 2D in Unity, with this you don't need cache Components.
    • UnityEngineExtension.cs: Adds Functions to Transform, GameObject, Texture2D, Vector3, Render and SpriteRender.
    • Singleton(Folder)
      • AudioManager.cs: An Audio manager that you call without reference. Example of use AudioManager.Init() and later AudioManager.Play(audioclip),that's all.
      • PoolManager.cs: Pool manager that you only need to initialize one time on the first scene, call AddToPool and finally only can Spawn or Despawn, neither need reference for use.
      • TimeOwn.cs: A timer that works independently from Time.time, includes its own TimeOwn.delta, Intitialize it only when you need it.
  • Shaders:

    • SpriteShader: Shader for quads and planes show a texture like Sprites
  • Utility (Scripts that you just need to add to a GameObject):

    • Effects:
      • Sprite_ColorPulse.cs: Make a Sprite change between two colors, like blinking.
      • Trans_TweenMove.cs: Make a GameObject move from A to B in a loop.
    • CameraResize.cs: Preserves the aspect ratio of your game.
    • DebugCollider2D.cs: Script that shows all triggers and colliders of a gameobject for fast debugging.
    • DontGoThroughThings.cs: A Script that helps the rigidbody stops going through other colliders (BETA).
    • PointForceComponent.cs: A simulator of an object with atraction force.
    • TextureTillingController.cs: A script that makes a Quad or a Plane have tiling and can be updated when scaling it.
    • TrailRenderWith2DCollider: Self Explanatory. You just need to add this script to a GameObject.
    • WindComponent.cs: Creates a Wind zone for Physics2D.

This project is released under the Simplified BSD License. Copyright 2012 Samsung R&D Institute Russia.