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Arcana Vim

A Sassy configuration for Vim.


To Install


Run: curl -s | sh


  1. Clone this repository: git clone
  2. cd arcana-vim
  3. Run the bootstrap script: ./
  4. Set your terminal font to Inconsolata for Powerline
  5. Profit!

Vim Shortcuts

  • Toggle directory view: ,d

  • Get rainbow parenthesis: ,r

  • Multicursor editing:

    • To start multicursor (select a word): F3
    • Select next word: Ctrl + n
    • Deselect last word: Ctrl + p
    • Skip next word: Ctrl + x
    • quit Multicursor: ESC
  • Tabs and Splits:

    • New tab: Ctrl + t
    • Move between tabs: Ctrl + l or Ctrl + h
    • Vertical split: Ctrl + s
    • Move between splits: ,l or ,h
    • Close tab/split: Ctrl + w
  • Search for files and open them, like in Sublime text: Ctrl + p and type filename, select from given options

  • Commenting/Uncommenting lines with ease:

    • Comment n(eg 10) number of lines: 10,cc
    • Uncomment n(eg 5) number of lines: 5,cu
  • Change surrounding braces, parenthesis, html/xml tags: ,cs<current><new surround> Eg, change " in "Hello" to ' : ,cs"' Change {} in { World } to () : ,cs{)

  • Read HackerNews within Vim: ,hn

    • Open a link in vim: o, O to open in Browser
    • To go back: u
    • To close: :bd
  • Show/hide class outline viewer, similar to ones in IDEs like Eclips, JetBrains: ,t

  • Run shell/terminal commands in vim: ! <command> Eg, compiling x.c file to n: ! gcc x.c -o n

    If that is too limiting for you, run a entire terminal within vim ,m: a terminal window pops up. Use ,m to close the window.

  • Spell Check:

    • ,s to toggle spell check. Incorrect words apprear in red, grammer errors in blue.
    • ,f to correct words.
  • Specially mapped keys:

    • ; mapped to :, removing the necessity of using shift and ; key for Normal commands starting with :.
    • w mapped to :w: saves the file.
    • zz mapped to :wq: saves the file and quits.
    • jk in insert mode, mapped to <ESC>: For quickly changing modes without moving to the esc position.
  • Remove old plugins: ,clean

  • Update plugins installed: ,update


A Sassy configuration for Vim.






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