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How to run:

  1. Register for a NASA EARTHDATA Account at

  2. Select the MODIS Remote Sensing Dataset you want to download from For our purposes, the right dataset was: MOD09A1.006

  3. Clone this Git repo to your system.

  4. Run: make install.
    This will list the tools you need installed to run the subsequent commands.

  5. Create a tiles.txt file in the same folder as the makefile containing all the MODIS tiles you are interested in. There is a tiles.txt file in the folder containing all the MODIS tiles required for Mainland US.

  6. Run:

user=<earthdata username> pass=<earthdata pass> from=YYYY-MM-DD end=YYYY-MM-DD product=MOD09A1.006 make download

Here from and end specify the time range for which you want to download the MODIS Dataset and product is the product selected in step 2.

  1. Run: make stitch to stitch the individual tiles to get the whole US mainland.

  2. Find Counties of interest from and add their FIPS number to listCount.txt.

  3. Run: make crop
    This will crop the datasets by counties and arrange them in date wise folders in the data folder.


Download and extract USA County specific data from NASA MODIS Remote Sensing Dataset







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