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The OneButton is a programmable single-key USB Keyboard with RGB LED's.


The OneButton serves no single purpose, but rather is designed to be programmed for multiple uses.

Possible Applications:

  • Generate pre-scripted USB keystrokes (included in the example code)
  • Serve as a "Soft" E-STOP button with color LED's to indicate state
  • Interface with a desktop API to perform other actions (i.e. - Indiciate a new Tweet notification by turning LED's Blue. Pressing the key opens Twitter.)
  • The possiblities are not endless!

The OneButton includes six programmable RGB LED's because everyone loves blinky lights!

...and easter eggs!

Included in this GitHub:

  • Firmware: Example code written in C++ and Rust
  • Hardware: Schematic, Board, Gerber, and 3D printable enclosure CAD files