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Cant find Include file DataFlash.h #24

uchobby opened this Issue Dec 24, 2011 · 2 comments

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uchobby commented Dec 24, 2011

Using the Arduino build process, errors with...
C:\Development\ardupilotone\arktools-ardupilotone-e185244\libraries\APO\Board_APM1.cpp:24:23: error: DataFlash.h: No such file or directory

On Win7 using Arduino 22. I believe I've followed the directions.

I did try setting the path for that include and it cleared the error in APM1, moved to APM2, fix the path there and I get a different error. The root error cause is probably common to all so don't plan to try to patch each file with errors.

cuav commented Dec 31, 2011

I met this error
I think it is confusing APM2 get the file
Where can I download the correct ArduRover and libraries

uchobby commented Jan 1, 2012

I got the code to compile after importing each of the library's who's header files were not being found. This seems like a significant code error as the source package should compile without changes.

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