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Macports Portfile generator for arktools

Author: Lenna X. Peterson (

To generate Portfiles for:

  • arkcomm
  • arkmath
  • arkosg
  • arkscicos

User-definable variables

(all caps in

Development-related variables

  • LOCAL_PORT_TREE: path to local port tree (e.g. "~/ports")
  • PORTFILE_PATH: path to Portfile Template relative to

Port-related variables

  • in dict 'ports':
    • DEPS: array of port dependencies
    • DESCRIPT: description
    • LONG_DESCR: long description (wrap with "\ \n ")
  • GIT_PATH: organization/owner on github (e.g. "arktools")
  • HOMEPAGE: project website
  • VERSION: project version
  • CATEGORY: port category (e.g. "science")
  • PLATFORM: tested platforms (e.g. "darwin")
  • LICENSE: software license (e.g. "GPL-3")
  • MAINTAINERS: port maintainers (obfuscated as
  • BUILD: ports required for building (e.g. "cmake")