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(The Autonomous Robotics Kit (Scilab/ScicosLab) Toolbox)

The goal of this project is to provide simulation tools for guidance, control, and navigation algorithm development for micro aerial vehicles.


  • 4/5/11: ArkScicos 0.9.0 Released: Now supports joystick input.

Screen Shots

Control System Design Example

This screen shot shows the arducopter demo. A linear control system was designed using the arkscicos toolbox for Scicoslab.

Navigation System Design Example

This shows navigation system design using Kalman Filtering and simulated flight with the arkscicos JSBSim block.

Numerical Trimming Software

This pictures shows the aircraft trimming gui than can be used to trim any JSBSim modeled (XML based) airframes at different flight conditions (steady level flight, pull up, push over, coordinated turn)