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Getting Started

  • Install : Packages exists for many operating systems.
  • Tutorials : See the tutorials for examples of use.
  • Compiling : If a package for your operating systems doesn't exist, or you want to modify the program, see the compilation instructions.


4/9/12 : Mac Universal binary built, now supports ppc!

Description/ Goals/ Motivation

This branch of JSBSim is working on developing tools for control systems engineers to rapidly design autopilots for aircraft and other vehicles. By understanding the linear dynamics of vehicles at various trim conditions control systems can be easily developed.

Graphical User Interface

A graphical user interface using QT has also been developed to make this process easier for the end-user. The standard installation packages include the GUI which also has socket communication with flightgear for visualization. For lighter-weight graphics a light-weight openscenegraph based visual is also available if built from source.