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An ecosystem for developing and programming with zkSNARKs


arkworks is a Rust ecosystem for zkSNARK programming. Libraries in the arkworks ecosystem provide efficient implementations of all components required to implement zkSNARK applications, from generic finite fields to R1CS constraints for common functionalities.

Getting started

Below are some resources for getting started working with arkworks crates:

Getting Involved

We have a Discord community where folks can ask questions and learn about zkSNARK programming. We also have a Twitter where we (infrequently) post updates.

Repo index

Working with SNARKs

  • snark - defines interfaces for a SNARK, for your application to generically use them
  • relations - defines interfaces for relations, e.g. r1cs, AIR

SNARK proving systems

Fully packaged SNARK crates

  • groth16
  • marlin - universal setup SNARK for r1cs
  • gm17
  • gemini - an elastic proof system for streaming inputs
  • ripp -inner pairing product argument system

Circuit building



If you use arkworks libraries in your research projects, please cite them using the following template:

  author = {arkworks contributors},
  title = {\texttt{arkworks} zkSNARK ecosystem},
  url = {},
  year = {2022},


  1. algebra algebra Public

    Libraries for finite field, elliptic curve, and polynomial arithmetic

    Rust 557 211

  2. groth16 groth16 Public

    A Rust implementation of the Groth16 zkSNARK

    Rust 205 73

  3. r1cs-std r1cs-std Public

    R1CS constraints for bits, fields, and elliptic curves

    Rust 128 46

  4. marlin marlin Public

    A Rust library for the Marlin preprocessing zkSNARK

    Rust 299 79

  5. crypto-primitives crypto-primitives Public

    Interfaces and implementations of cryptographic primitives, along with R1CS constraints for them

    Rust 148 64

  6. sumcheck sumcheck Public

    linear-time sumcheck protocol for multilinear polynomials and related addends

    Rust 45 26


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