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Alfred Workflows

Here are some Alfred App workflows I use regularly. Only tested on v3 of the app.

Hyper Paste

This workflow adds a couple new global paste functions to macOS. Generally run this with hotkeys to do a specialty paste.


Penultimate Paste (pasting second last item) - this function allows you to paste the second last thing in your clipboard (easier than triggering clipboard history, then ⌘+2). This promotes that item to the most recent item in your clipboard. There are several uses for this:

  • if you thought you were pasting a helpful code snippet, but in fact pasted a link to a cat video, this is your mulligan! (I can't be the only person this happens to constantly)
  • if you needed to alternately paste, for example your name and email into several documents repeatedly.
  • when you get used to this being here you start to actively plan on using it; fearlessly and constantly copying multiple things to clipboard.

Paste & Purge (paste then remove) - in addition to pasting your clipboard contents into your active application, Alfred afterwards removes it from the clipboard entirely (this is done with timed delays which is a bit hacky, but is the only way to pull this off). Use cases:

  • If you want a handy way to remove something from your clipboard (could be stealth reasons, or to clean up your current clipboard for a 'mass paste').
  • Mass pasting: being able to paste many items without fussing about navigating through clipboard history with arrow keys or ⌘+numbers. For example; if I have a dozen tabs open that I need to send the URLs of, I can copy+close tab a dozen times, then destructo paste a dozen times and be done with it.

> A screenshot of how I have this workflow configured

Requirements, Setup & Notes

  • Requires an Apple computer
  • Requires Alfred App v3
  • When importing a workflow certain items are empty. Populate the triggering hotkey. You can see in the screenshot that I use Hyper+V and Hyper+B; use what you like. To use Hyper in your hotkey (command+alt+ctrl+shift) you may need an application like Karabiner Elements (at the time of writing Hyper is only functional on beta, more info)
  • Populate the Key Combos - In the screenshot you can see I use cmd+alt+ctrl+v - find your setting in Alfred: Features > Clipboard > Viewer hotkey

Alfred Says (WIP)

A utility to dump the contents of a text file to audio file. Generally runs as a file filter like o my-file.txt, then the action control, then select say.


There are many times when listening to something is more easily done than reading (like when commuting). Text To Speech is great, and the macOS say application is so powerful. Customize this workflow with flags to change the voice, speed, language. Read more on Apple's manual for say.

Requirements, Setup & Notes

  • Requires an Apple computer
  • This is a file filter; see what your shortcut is set to in Alfred App under Features > File Search > Actions
  • Audio files are saved in the same directory as your text file.
  • You can run say as an Alfred command which saves the argument as an aiff on the desktop; which has been useful for testing.
  • You may want to edit the speeds in the workflow; -r is the flag that sets the rate; higher number is greater speed.
  • Download more voices in macOS in System Preferences > Accessibility > Speech > in the voice dropdown: Customize
  • Voices are fun; investigate as above, or quick test with: Kathy, Vicki, Ralph, Albert, Cellos, Hysterical, Trinoids, Zarvox, Whisper. e.g. say -v Kathy "site build complete"
  • It seems that not every voice can have speed adjusted.
  • Outputs to aiff. You could comvert to mp3 from the command line with ffmpeg. You would edit the workflow to have additional commands like && ffmpeg -i my-file.aiff -f mp3 -acodec libmp3lame -ab 192000 -ar 44100 my-file.mp3 && rm my-file.aiff
  • Known issue: sometimes this utility acts up. I think spaces in file names may be an issue.


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