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A model for undertanding the specific proficiencies involved in creating a good 2+star agile team. Initial draft presented at Agile 2013.
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Agile Engineering Fluency

A model for understanding how teams develop the technical practices over time.

This is a fluency model: we lay out the stages of proficiency, and find that teams progress through these proficiencies, developing fluency (or not) with each before moving on.

The results a team gets are determined by which stages they are fluent at. Partial / developing fluency at a stage does not change the team's results much. Full fluency does.

The model is shown at


The model is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Please use it wherever and however you want, as long as you properly attribute it.


We love pull requests!

Please make sure you can submit your work for publication under the above license. And add your name to the CONTRIBUTORS.txt as part of your pull request. That way we can thank you and also avoid (some) sticky legal situations.

To edit things, you can either edit stages_data.js directly or you can edit in the display. If you edit in the display, there is a little turned-up corner in the lower-left. Click that and you will see a text area. Copy the JS from that into stages_data.js.

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