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@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@ SimulatableApi
Implements several simulators for common dependencies. These abstractions make it easier to write highly-testable code.
+The main project page is at All the docs are on the project page. The rest of this readme is just a teaser to let you know what's in the library.
File System
2  SimulatableApi.nuspec
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There are three ways to get a FileSystem. The first two, FileSystem.Real() and FileSystem.Simulated(), return a new view wrapped around some storage. The last, FileSystem.Clone() creates a view from another view. They share the same underlying storage, but each have their own change tracking and undo facilities.
The first thing to notice from just the above is that this is not your typical files and directories API. There is a single instance that represents the entire file system; file and directory objects are bound to a file system, and all the instances related to a single file system share consistent state.</description>
- <projectUrl></projectUrl>
+ <projectUrl></projectUrl>
<tags>filesystem simulator</tags>

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