CSV of license plates scanned in August 2013 by the Pittsburgh Parking Authority.
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This is the August export of the scans database of Pittsburgh Parking Authority's Automatic License Plate Reader program. Every entry represents a single license plate scan.

For background, see this Post-Gazette article on the program. The American Civil Liberties Union has a good report on ALPR programs nationwide.

The database structure:

Field Type Purpose
ID int Unique identifier
DateTime timestamp with date Timestamp of when scan was made.
Plate text License plate number of scanned car.
State text State that issued scanned license plate; frequently "?"
SideReadFrom text Which camera picked up the vehicle; RIGHT usually means the scanned vehicle was parked, while LEFT indicates a car passing in the opposing lane.
Lat float Latitude of scan point.
Lng float Longitude of scanned point
AlarmFlag text "TRANSIT" if scanned car had no fines; "ALARM" if it did.
Fine float Accumulated fine on scanned vehicle; reads "Not available" if no fine.
CarID int Numeric ID of the camera car that recorded the license plate.