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Asks Slack users what cool things they're up to so it can share them with the rest of the team.
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Serendipity Bot

A Slack bot that encourages chance encounters by asking people what they're passionate about and posting their responses in a daily digest.


  • A server running Node (I use Heroku, and the instructions below focus on installing for Heroku)
  • A MongoDB database (also obtained through Heroku)
  • A Slack app with an accompanying API token
  • A channel named "serendipity" on your organization's Slack


  1. Clone or download this repository.
  2. Start a new Heroku instance. You can either do this through the Heroku GUI online, if you'd like, or follow the CLI directions here: (You'll have to download the Heroku toolkit.)
  3. On your Heroku app's dashboard, add a mLab MongoDB add-on. The "Sandbox" tier is free, and you shouldn't need more than that.
  4. In your Heroku app's settings, add a SLACK_API_TOKEN environmental variable. You can get this from your Slack app's dashboard.
  5. Restart your Heroku instance on the CLI with heroku restart.

Your bot should show up as active in Slack!

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