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Armada is a complete solution for development, deployment, configuration and discovery of microservices.

Armada is more than just a tool, it defines conventions and good practices designed towards making your platform more service oriented.


Repository overview

  • armada_backend/ - Armada scripts that are run inside main armada container. They provide Armada API which is used by Armada CLI.

  • armada_command/ - Armada command line interface. It is run on Armada ship and is a primary way to manage containers in the Armada cluster.

  • docker-containers/ - Base microservice Docker images for various platforms (python, php, nodejs).

  • keys/ - Private SSH key that can be used to ssh into containers based on microservice image.

  • microservice_templates/ - Templates that can serve as a base for creating new Armada microservices. This repository is used by armada create command.

Running tests

In the root directory of the repository run:


Workflow for Armada development:

  1. $ vagrant up
  2. $ vagrant ssh
  3. Make changes in armada source code on your hard drive in directory that contains this Vagrantfile. It is in sync with /opt/armada-src in Vagrant. Autoreload of Armada API is by default enabled.
  4. Test changes.
  5. $ armada push armada -d [dockyard]