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This is the latest iteration on the Attract project. We are building a unified framework called Pillar. Pillar will combine Blender Cloud and Attract. You can see Pillar in action on the Blender Cloud.

Custom fonts

The icons on the website are drawn using a custom font, stored in pillar/web/static/font. This font is generated via Fontello by uploading pillar/web/static/font/config.json.

Note that we only use the WOFF and WOFF2 formats, and discard the others supplied by Fontello.

After replacing the font files & config.json, edit the Fontello-supplied font.css to remove all font formats except woff and woff2. Then upload it to css2sass to convert it to SASS, and place it in src/styles/font-pillar.sass.

Don't forget to Gulp!


Dependencies are managed via Poetry.

Make sure your /data directory exists and is writable by the current user. Alternatively, provide a pillar/ that changes the relevant settings.

git clone ../pillar-python-sdk
pip install -U --user poetry
poetry install

HDRi viewer

The HDRi viewer uses Google VRView. To upgrade, get those files:

and place them in pillar/web/static/assets/vrview. Replace images/loading.gif in embed.min.js with static/pillar/assets/vrview/loading.gif.

You may also want to compare their index.html to our src/templates/vrview.pug.

When on a HDRi page with the viewer embedded, use this JavaScript code to find the current yaw: vrview_window.contentWindow.yaw(). This can be passed as default_yaw parameter to the iframe.


Pillar requires Celery for background task processing. This in turn requires a backend and a broker, for which the default Pillar configuration uses Redis and RabbitMQ.

You can run the Celery Worker using celery worker.

Find other Celery operations with the celery command.


Pillar uses Elasticsearch to power the search engine. You will need to run the elastic reset_index command to initialize the indexing. If you need to reindex your documents in elastic you run the elastic reindex command.


If the language you want to support doesn't exist, you need to run: translations init es_AR.

Every time a new string is marked for translation you need to update the entire catalog: translations update

And once more strings are translated, you need to compile the translations: translations compile

To mark strings strings for translations in Python scripts you need to wrap them with the flask_babel.gettext function. For .pug templates wrap them with _().

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