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ofxOpenCL changelog
- move to centralized MSALibs (requires MSACore)
- everything is MSA:: namespace
--------------------------- move to centralized MSALibs for cross openFrameworks / Cinder compatibility ---------------------------
- added image support
- restructured buffer/memory management
- minor break in backwards compatability: createBuffer returns ofxOpenCLBuffer instead of cl_mem. so
- writeBuffer and readBuffer are methods of ofxOpenCLBuffer, not ofxOpenCL
- when passing buffer (or image) as parameter to ofxOpenCLKernel::setArg, use ofxOpenCLBuffer::getMemoryObject() (which returns the cl_mem)
- added support for multiple devices
- sharing context with opengl (only on mac osx at the moment)
- better handling of multi-dimensional data (minor backwards compatability break with kernel::run)
- support for opengl/opencl buffer+texture sharing
- can load programs from binary (support for creating binary coming soon)
- initial version