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Control a Google Chrome browser in headless mode through OpenFrameworks
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This attempts to run the Google Chrome web browser in headless mode and controlling it through their DevTools. This implies launching Chrome with the debugger enabled (--remote-debugging-port=9222), sending an http request to http://chrome-ip:9222/json to get a list of open pages to get a WebSocket @ to connect to, and connecting to that WebSocket to take control of the browser.

One of the features I'm shooting for is being able to get "snapshots" from the browser. You can do that through their DevTools API; you can request a capture and it returns a base64 encoded png/jpeg of the browser window.

This is very much a WIP and the API will change.


ofxPoco, ofxExternalProcess, ofxLibwebsockets.


ofxChrome is made available under the MIT license.
Chrome is of coursed owned by Google!

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