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export any image sequence to disk on N background threads
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This add-on allows you to save to disk any number of images (most likely screen grabs) to export an image sequence. It allows you to do so on multiple threads if you require so, allowing you to export in realtime (depending on your HW and project complexity). Requires the ofxWorkQueues add-on. See video.

void setup(){
	ofxImageExportQueue * exporter = new ofxImageExportQueue( 2 ); //2 background threads

void update(){
	exporter->update(); //update background exporter queues

void draw(){
	ofImage img;
	img.setUseTexture(false); //no texture 
	img.grabScreen(0, 0, ofGetWidth(), ofGetHeight()); //capture frame into ofImage
	exporter->saveImage( img ); //add frame to exporter queue

	exporter->draw( 10, 10); //draw exporter status
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