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#About Rough OF addon that uses turbo-jpeg lib to read and write jpegs. 2-4 times faster than OF's freeImge based jpeg en/decoder.

You will need to install libjpeg-turbo ( and its dylibs or freemImage's internal version of libjpeg will conflict with the one required by libjpeg-turbo, throwing a "Wrong JPEG library version: library is 80, caller expects 62" error. Alternatively you can just place the "libturbojpeg.dylib" by the binary and it should work. Only tested on OSX Lion.

ofxTurboJpeg turbo;

//load jpeg
ofImage * image = turbo.load("loadTest.jpg");

//save jpeg, "save turbo.jpg", 75);

ofxTurboJpeg screenshot


  • Visual studio 2015 (instructions by tgfrerer and mattfelsen)
    • turboJPEG libraries for vs2015 compiled straight off the sources using the following recipe:
    • download turbojpeg source v1.4.1
    • download nasm (net assembler)
    • add nasm.exe to your %PATH% environment variable
      • this depends on where you installed nasm, but should be something like C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\nasm
      • edit in Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings > Environment variables > Path
    • use cmake-gui.exe to build visual studio project files
    • open and compile libjpeg-turbo.sln in Debug and Release modes
    • find turbojpeg-static.lib in build\[Debug|Release] and copy into the proper locations in the ofxTurboJpeg addon


Rough OF addon that uses turbo-jpeg lib to read and write jpegs. 2-3 times faster than OF's freeImage based jpeg en/decoder



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