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This is the heavily cluttered project folder for my 32x12 RGB Display consisting of 10 meters of Adressable RGB Stripe.

The Main Highlight can be found in the subdir snake_standalone. While it's an awesome snake game, the code is... well... don't ask. It started off with the stripes wrapped around a trash can @29c3 and the implementation was quick and dirty. Back home again, I just kept adding feature after Feature.


The Code was completely developed via ssh on a RaspberryPi and is meant to run with a Wii-Nunchuck connected via I2C and the RGB-Stripes connected via SPI.

It uses WiringPi for the SPI connection.

Current Features:

  • Standby Screen showing the Time and the words "PLAY" and "SNAKE" in turn.
  • Menu for selecting the gamemode and the scoreboard.
  • A scrollable scoreboard.
  • A simple bot for demo/standby mode.
  • Inverted gamemode where you place the target/salad/apple/whatever for the bot, called "TARGET".
  • Nunchuck as (only) input device.
  • ncurses interface for rudimentary keyboard input and debug output (e.g. via ssh).
  • logging of scores and certain game variables at end of round.
  • very colourful output.
  • tasty spaghetti code.

contact: armageddon421 at googlemail dot com