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DAddYE's dotfiles

Here my dotfiles, different than others repos, this is though for people that love hacking vim and osx from a terminal.


MacVim Version

Terminal Version

Termnal Version


git clone && cd dotfiles && ./

To update, cd into your local dotfiles repository and then:


Alternatively, to update while avoiding the confirmation prompt:


This also boostrap your vim, with sensible defaults for your terminal!

Add custom commands without creating a new fork

If ~/.bash_custom exists, it will be sourced along with the other files. You can use this to add a few custom commands without the need to fork this entire repository, or to add commands you don’t want to commit to a public repository.

My ~/.bash_custom looks something like this:

# PATH additions
export PATH="~/bin:$PATH"

# Git/Npm credentials
# Not in the repository, to prevent people from accidentally committing under my name
GIT_AUTHOR_NAME="Davide D'Agostino"
git config --global "$GIT_AUTHOR_NAME"
git config --global "$GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL"

npm config set email

Sensible OS X defaults

When setting up a new Mac, you may want to set some sensible OS X defaults:


If you like my defaults you can avoid prompt with

./.osx_defaults -s


Maybe better if you install from brew

brew install macvim --custom-icons --override-system-vim
brew install node ack bash git tmux wget sshfs ssh-copy-id


Since iTerm2 is much much more faster than I highly suggest to install it

Is free and opensource


Vim has a nice new Tomorrow Theme, but to see correctly colors like with solarized I suggest to install color profile to your terminal from extra folder.


Under extras/fonts you can find some of my preferred fixed-width fonts for your terminal, patched for powerline fancy.

Thanks to

Mathias Bynens Heavily based on it's dotfiles


DAddYE, you can follow me on twitter @daddye or take a look at my site