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Marty is a framework for viewing and reporting on versioned data. Marty provides its own scripting environment. Scripts can also be verioned. RESTful APIs are provided for accessing and executing vesioned scripts.

Marty also provides user authentication and session support. Currently, only LDAP-based authentication is supported. There's also support for role-based authorization.

Rake tasks

The Marty framework provides several rake tasks to manage its database tables and delorean scripts.

To create the correct migrations for a Marty-based application (see below for getting the internal dummy application to work):

$ rake marty:install:migrations

The Marty database needs to be seeded with specific configuration information. Before running your Marty application for the first time you will need to run:

$ rake marty:seed

If you are using Delorean scripts in your application you can load them with a rake task. By default these scripts will be picked up from app/delorean_scripts. To load scripts:

$ rake marty:load_scripts

You can override the default directory by setting the LOAD_DIR environment variable:

$ LOAD_DIR=<delorean script directory> marty:load_scripts

To delete scripts:

$ rake marty:delete_scripts

Dummy Application & Testing

Make sure that extjs is installed (or symbolically linked) in the dummy app at spec/dummy/public.

Docker doesn't support symlinks, so in order to run it in Docker you will have to copy extjs files.

$ cp -r PATH/TO/YOUR/EXTJS/FILES spec/dummy/public/extjs

You can run it with docker:

$ make dummy-app-initialise-docker

$ make dummy-app-start

To run tests:

$ make dummy-app-bash

$ HEADLESS=true rspec

To run without docker:

Marty currently only runs with postgresql. To be able to run the tests you will first need to create a database.yml file in spec/dummy/config. You can use the example file by doing:

$ cp spec/dummy/config/database.yml.example spec/dummy/config/database.yml

To initialize the dummy application for a demo run:

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate db:seed app:marty:load_scripts
$ cd spec/dummy
$ rails s

The marty dummy app should now be accessible in your browser: localhost:3000

You can log in using marty as both user and password.

To create the test database in prepartion to run your tests:

$ RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake db:create

Then to run the tests:

$ bundle exec rspec

History & Status

Marty was originally part of a much larger project internal to PennyMac. We have split Marty from its original home with the goal of making it generally available as a platform for working with versioned data and scripts. However, some rspec and cucumber tests are still in the parent and have yet to be ported. Also, documentation is sorely lacking. Hopefully, this will be rectified soon.

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