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Monosim on Linux

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Build on Linux

cloning from git repo:

$ git clone


  • log4net (also devel package)
  • mono (also devel package)
  • comex-base (there is a script that obtain it)

for GTK gui (monosim-gtk) also

  • gtk-sharp2 (also devel package)
  • glade-sharp2

for Qt gui (monosim-qt) also

  • qyoto (with devel package)

Build commands

$ cd monosim/build-linux
$ bash ./ (download in a specific folder comex-base. Require wget)
$ bash ./ [Debug|Release] (to build GTK gui)
$ bash ./ [Debug|Release] (to build Qt gui)

Output folders

  • for monosim-gtk: monosim/monosim-gtk/bin/[Debug|Release]/
  • for monosim-qt: monosim/monosim-qt/bin/[Debug|Release]/

Run commands

  • for monosim-gtk
$ cd monosim/monosim-gtk/bin/[Debug|Release]/
$ mono --debug monosim-gtk.exe [--log-console]
  • for monosim-qt
$ cd monosim/monosim-qt/bin/[Debug|Release]/
$ mono --debug monosim-qt.exe [--log-console]
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