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TEX = latex
PDFLATEX = pdflatex
TEX4HT = tex4ht
T4HT = t4ht
BIBTEX = bibtex
PERL = perl
RUBY = ruby
ERB = erb
KINDLEGEN = /Applications/kindlegen
CONVERT = convert
AVCONVERT = avconvert
OTHERFILES = # $(wildcard ch_*/figs/*) $(wildcard ch_*/tables/*) $(wildcard ch_*/code/*) $(wildcard ch_*/mov/*)
TEXFILES = $(shell find . -name \*.tex)
BIBFILES = book.bib
HTML_CONFIGS = book_html.cfg book_html.4ht
MOBI_CONFIGS = book_mobi.cfg book_mobi.4ht
PDF_CONFIGS = macros.tex
CODEFILES = $(shell find ch_*/code/* -regex '.*/[^\#].*\..*[^~]$$')
PDF_FIGURES = $(wildcard ch_*/figs/*.pdf)
PDF_GIF_FIGURES = $(patsubst %.pdf,%.pdf.gif,$(PDF_FIGURES))
PDF_ICONS = $(wildcard icons/*.pdf)
JPG_FIGURES = $(shell find $(wildcard ch_*/figs) -name '*jpg' -not -name '*_SB*')
SCALED_SIDEBAR_FIGURES = $(patsubst %.jpg,%_SB.jpg,$(JPG_FIGURES))
all: help
.PHONY: outline html mobi css pdf clean cleanup help newchapter only
@echo "'make html' creates www/ directory containing HTML5 version"
@echo "'make mobi' creates (for Kindle)"
@echo "'make ibook' creates .rtfd files for importing into iWork Pages and then into iBooks Author"
@echo "'make pdf' creates book.pdf"
@echo "'make only CHAPTER=big_ideas' creates a draft PDF of just chapter 'big_ideas.tex'"
@echo " (NOTE: you must do 'make clean && make pdf' first)"
@echo "'make update_pastebin' uploads all new code/ examples to Pastebin and updates LaTeX files in place (SAVE ALL YOUR FILES AND RUN git commit BEFORE DOING THIS)"
@echo "'make outline' prints out TOC without chapter numbers"
outline: $(SRCS)
@perl -ne 'print "$$1.tex " if /[^%][ *]\\include{(ch_.*\/.*)}/' common.tex | xargs $(PERL) script/ -n
only: $(SRCS)
@echo '\\def\\onechap{TRUE} \\includeonly{ch_$(CHAPTER)/$(CHAPTER)}' > only.tex
make pdf
rm -f only.tex
onlyquick: $(SRCS)
@echo '\\def\\onechap{TRUE} \\includeonly{ch_$(CHAPTER)/$(CHAPTER)}' > only.tex
make 'QUICK=#' pdf
rm -f only.tex
mobi: book_mobi.html css/mobi.css book_mobi.ncx book_mobi.opf $(SCALED_SIDEBAR_FIGURES) $(PDF_GIF_FIGURES)
$(RUBY) script/mobi_postprocess.rb $<.bak > $<
cat css/mobi.css >> mobi.css
-$(KINDLEGEN) book_mobi.opf
%.ncx: %.ncx.erb
$(ERB) $< > $@
book_mobi.html: book_mobi.tex book_mobi.dvi $(MOBI_CONFIGS)
$(TEX4HT) $<
$(T4HT) $<
cp $@ $@.bak
book_html.html: book_html.tex book_html.dvi $(HTML_CONFIGS)
$(TEX4HT) $<
$(T4HT) $<
cp $@ $@.bak
.PHONY: html
html: book_html.html html_preamble.html footer.tex
rm -f book_html.css
$(RUBY) script/html_postprocess.rb book_html{ch,ap,li}*.html
html_postprocess: book_html.html book_htmlli*.html book_htmlch*.html book_htmlap*.html
$(RUBY) script/html_postprocess.rb $^
find_undefined: book.pdf
$(PDFLATEX) book_pdf | grep -i defined | grep -v 'Font shape' 2>&1
pdf: book_pdf.tex $(SRCS) $(PDF_CONFIGS)
$(PDFLATEX) $(basename $<)
$(QUICK) -for i in bu?*.aux ; do bibtex `basename $$i .aux` ; done
$(QUICK) $(PDFLATEX) $(basename $<)
$(QUICK) $(PDFLATEX) $(basename $<)
mv $(basename $<).pdf book.pdf
$(TEX) $(basename $@)
-for i in bu?*.aux ; do bibtex `basename $$i .aux` ; done
$(TEX) $(basename $@)
$(TEX) $(basename $@)
rm -f only.tex
# image conversion
# convert fullsize PDF images to GIF (for Kindle)
%.pdf.gif: %.pdf
$(CONVERT) -flatten -background '#ffffff' -transparent-color '#ffffff' -density 300x300 -resize 1024x $^ $@ 2>/dev/null
# resize fullsize images to sidebar images (for Kindle)
%_SB.jpg: %.jpg
$(CONVERT) -flatten -background '#ffffff' -transparent-color '#ffffff' -resize x150 $^ $@ 2>/dev/null
.PHONY: update_pastebin clear_pastebin diff_pastebin
-$(RUBY) script/update_pastebin delete_all
-$(RUBY) script/update_pastebin truncate_pastie_file
@echo Uploading files to pastebin, this may take a couple of minutes...
-$(RUBY) script/update_pastebin update $(CODEFILES)
@echo Updating LaTeX files with Pastebin URIs, be sure to reload them in your editor....
$(RUBY) -p -i.bak script/update_tex_with_pasties $(SRCS) && find . -name '*.tex.bak' -exec rm '{}' ';'
-$(RUBY) script/update_pastebin diff $(CODEFILES)
@echo Updating LaTeX files with Vimeo URIs
$(RUBY) -p -i.bak script/update_tex_with_screencasts $(SRCS) && find . -name '*.tex.bak' -exec rm '{}' ';'
etags $^
.PHONY: check_blank_lines
@echo The following code files may have spurious blank lines at end:
-@pcregrep -l -M '(^\s*$$){2,}\Z' $(CODEFILES)
# remove changebars
.PHONY: remove_changebars
$(PERL) -p -i.bak -e 's/\\\\cb(start|end)\{\}//g' $(TEXFILES)
.PHONY: fulltags
find . -name '.#*' -prune -o -name '*.tex' -o -name '*.bib' -o -name '*.rb' -type f | xargs etags
veryclean: clean clean_figs
rm -f book_pdf.pdf book_html.html book_mobi.html
rm -f ch_*/figs/*_SB.* ch_*/figs/*.pdf.gif ch_*/figs/*.jpg.gif icons/*_SB.*
clean: clean_docs
rm -f \
only.tex \
*.bbl *.dvi *.idx *.ilg *.ind *.out *.ist *.bak \
*.cb *.cb2 *.glo *.glg *.gls *.mtc* bu*.blg \
book_*.{ps,ent,blg,toc,4ct,4tc,xref,idv,lg,tmp,css,lof,lot,lg,xref,ncx,maf} \
book_html*.gif zzbook* book_mobi*x.png \
find . -name '*.bak' -or -name '*~' -or -name '*.log' -or -name '*.aux' | xargs rm -f