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% book version - referenced by some other macros, but optional for you
% ::EDITME::
% If you're using Pastebin integration (see docs) or screencast
% integration (see docs), change these to the base URI of your account
% on Pastebin or Vimeo. If this makes no sense to you, leave this
% alone.
% load macros, some of which depend on the above switches
% Enable compilation of just a single chapter at a time.
% \onechap will be defined as TRUE in only.tex if it
% exists, and used in an \includeonly below.
% partial compilation?
{\newif\ifwholebook\wholebooktrue}% full compilation
{\newif\ifwholebook\wholebookfalse}% partial compilation
% ::EDITME::
% comment out the following if you DON'T want ``Draft:'' watermark
% when you generate individual chapters
\SetWatermarkText{DRAFT: Do Not Distribute}
% make true PDF page size match logical page size (for pdflatex)
% to change physical paper size, edit \paperwidth and \paperheight
% in book.cls or whatever class file you're using
% ::EDITME::
\title{Your Title Here}
\author{Your Name Here}
% define XHTML outputs for different book elements
\ifmobioutput \input{book_mobi.4ht} \else \input{book_html.4ht} \fi %
% title page with CIP data
\input{titlepage}% title page, copyright info
\dominitoc % remove to suppress per-chapter mini-TOCs
% bibliography per-chapter (requires bibunits package)
% ::EDITME::
% Add your chapters here:
% \include{ch_intro/intro}
% etc.
% all chapters after the \appendix directive are treated as appendices:
% \include{ch_app1/app1}
% back matter: bibliography, indices, etc.
% ::EDITME::
% uncomment only if you REMOVED the per-chapter bibliography stuff above:
% suppress index for HTML, Kindle versions
\ifwholebook \printindex \fi