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sub help {
printf STDERR <<Help;
$0: add changebars to LaTeX files
Usage: $0 add '<refspec>' filename.tex - add changebars to filename.tex
'<refspec>' is a Git commit ID or reference, such as 'master\@{2 days ago}'
$0 remove filename.tex - remove changebars from filename.tex
Original file will be left in filename.tex.bak
exit 0;
($what, $rev, $file) = @ARGV;
$file = $rev if $what =~ /remove/;
&help if $#ARGV==0 || grep(/--?h/, @ARGV) || !$file || !-r $file ;
$has_changebars = (system("grep \\\\cbstart $file >/dev/null") == 0);
if ($what =~ /^remove$/) {
die "$file has no changebars\n" unless $has_changebars;
system "sed -e s/\\\\\\\\cbstart{}//g -e s/\\\\\\\\cbend{}//g -i.bak $file";
printf STDERR "Change bars removed from $file\n";
exit 0;
# ensure file doesn't already have changebars!
die "$file already has change bars! Remove them first\n" if $has_changebars;
open(CMD, "GIT_DIFF_OPTS='-u0 --ignore-all-space' git diff '$rev' $file |") or die $!;
$nchangebars = 0;
while (<CMD>) {
next unless /^@@ -[0-9,]+ \+([0-9]+),?([0-9]+)?/;
$start = $1;
$end = $start + ($2 || 0);
$cmd = "sed -e ${start}s/^/\\\\\\\\cbstart{}/ -e ${end}s/\$/\\\\\\\\cbend{}/ -i.bak $file";
$nchangebars++ unless system($cmd)!=0;
printf STDERR "$nchangebars changebars added to $file\n";
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