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Polski Colemak.keylayout


Colemak layout for Mac OS X modified for Polish language
(2-key combinations instead of 3-key for Polish letters).

The first commit is original layout -- to see later modifications.

Original source file is taken from: http://colemak.com/pub/mac/wordherd_source.txt

Current state of Polish bindings ( http://colemak.com/Multilingual ):

ą, ę: AltGr+[g] {letter}
ć, ń, ó, ś, ź: AltGr+[t] {letter}
ż: AltGr+[.] [z]
ł: AltGr+[l]


ą: AltGr+[a]
ę: AltGr+[e]
ć: AltGr+[c]
ń: AltGr+[n]
ó: AltGr+[o]
ś: AltGr+[s]
ź: AltGr+[z]
ż: AltGr+[x]
ł: AltGr+[l]