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Armbian configuration utility

Utility for configuring your board, adjusting services and installing applications. It comes with Armbian by default.

Login as root and type:


  • system
    • install to SATA, eMMC, NAND or USB
    • freeze and unfreeze kernel and BSP upgrades
    • switching between avaliable kernels and nightly builds
    • edit boot environment
    • reconfigure board settings with DT overlays or FEX (Allwinner legacy)
    • select dedicated DTB (Solidrun imx6 and Odroid XU4/HC1/HC2 boards)
    • adjust SSH daemon features
    • 3G/4G LTE modem management
    • run apt update and upgrade
    • toggle desktop and login manager (desktop builds)
    • adjusting the display resolution (some boards)
    • enabling read only root filesystem (Ubuntu)
  • network
    • select dynamic or static IP address
    • hotspot management. Automatic detection of: nl80211, realtek, 802.11n, 802.11a and 802.11ac
    • iperf3. Toogle bandwidth measuring server
    • connect to wireless
    • install IR support
    • install support, pair and connect Bluetooth devices
    • edit IFUPDOWN interfaces
  • personal
    • change timezone, languages and hostname
    • select welcome screen items
  • software
  • help
    • Links to documentation, support and sources

Running this utility on 3rd party Debian based distributions

# Install dependencies
apt install git iperf3 qrencode psmisc curl bc expect dialog network-manager sunxi-tools iptables \
resolvconf debconf-utils unzip build-essential html2text apt-transport-https html2text dirmngr \
software-properties-common libpam-google-authenticator qrencode ppp

git clone
cd config
bash debian-config