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A Hello, world! server app written in Swift, using Vapor, deployable on Heroku.
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A Hello, world! server app written in Swift, using Vapor, deployable on Heroku.


Try brew install vapor/tap/vapor heroku-cli

Create from scratch

# start new Vapor project
vapor new HelloWorld
pushd HelloHelloWorld
vapor xcode # I had to run this twice, first time I got a bunch of LibreSSL errors about not being able to connect to GitHub to download the dependencies
rm -rf .git # vapor starts a git repo inside the project folder, but this project is inside a repo already!

echo "4.1.1" > .swift-version

# make Procfile for Heroku
echo "web: Run --env production --hostname --port \$PORT
local: vapor run" > Procfile

At this point, the app is ready, but it has two pages and some example models and controllers, and a SQLite database connection. To simplify to a barebones Hello, world!, open the Xcode project and make the same edits as this commit.

vapor build



pushd HelloWorld
vapor run & # or run the `Run` scheme in Xcode.
open http://localhost:8080

Locally with Heroku

pushd HelloWorld
heroku local local &
open http://localhost:8080


heroku create --buildpack # vapor/vapor is supposed to be the stable release but currently doesn't work
heroku stack:set heroku-16 -a <app-name> # the buildpack doesn't work on the current default stack heroku-18, so we must downgrade
git subtree push --prefix HelloWorld heroku master # heroku wants everything to be in the root directory, but I don't wanna
heroku open


References are preserved as PDFs in docs/.


Issues and pull requests are welcome!

If this project helped you, please consider leaving a tip 🤗

Do you need help with a project? I'm currently available for hire or contract..

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