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#1".." reader for more complicated java expressions, using javaparser #52

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Utility for jss

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alanruttenberg committed Jun 8, 2017
commit 987c18f0c50152f1bf7dfa2318660f85575cfd81
@@ -0,0 +1,94 @@
(in-package :jss)
(defclass sharp-quote-expression-reader (javaparser) ())
(defun read-sharp-java-expression (stream)
(with-output-to-string (s)
(loop with embedded-string = nil
for last = #\space then char
for char = (read-char stream)
until (and (char= char #\")
;; really end if: we've established embedded string and the peek is a space
;; we're not about to start embedded string. We're about to start embedded string if next character isn't #\).
;; we're not embedded-string and not about to start one
(cond ((null (peek-char nil stream nil)) t) ;; eof
(embedded-string (system:whitespacep (peek-char nil stream))) ; embedded " needs "<space>" to end
((find last ",(+=" :test 'char=)
(setq embedded-string t)
(t t)))
(write-char char s)))))
(defun read-sharp-quote-expression (string)
(multiple-value-bind (bindings de-lisped) (extract-lisp-expressions string)
(let ((read (read-java-expression (make-instance 'sharp-quote-expression-reader) de-lisped)))
(loop for (var nil) in bindings
do (setq read (cl-user::tree-replace (lambda(e) (if (equalp e (string var)) var e)) read )))
(if bindings
`(let ,bindings ,read)
(defun extract-lisp-expressions (string)
(let ((bindings nil))
(let ((de-lisped
(cl-user::replace-all string "\\{(.*?)\\}"
(let ((replacevar (find-symbol-not-matching string (mapcar 'car bindings))))
(push (list replacevar (read-from-string match)) bindings)
(string replacevar)))
(values bindings de-lisped))))
(defun find-symbol-not-matching (string already)
(loop for candidate = (format nil "JSS_~a" (random 10000))
until (and (not (member candidate already :test 'equalp :key 'string))
(not (search string already)))
finally (return-from find-symbol-not-matching (intern candidate :jss))))
(defun maybe-class (el)
(if (and (symbolp el) (upper-case-p (char (string el) 0)) (not (eql (search "JSS_" (string el)) 0)))
`(find-java-class ',el)
(if (symbolp el)
(intern (string-upcase el) :jss)
(def-java-read ObjectCreationExpr sharp-quote-expression-reader ()
`(new ',(process-node obj (#"getName" (#"getType" node))) ,@(mapcar (lambda(e) (process-node obj e)) (j2list (#"getArguments" node))))
(def-java-read MethodCallExpr sharp-quote-expression-reader ()
(let* ((scope1 (process-node obj (process-node obj (#"getScope" node))))
(how (if (and (symbolp scope1) (not (null scope1)) (upper-case-p (char (string scope1) 0)))
(if (and (symbolp scope1) (not (null scope1)) (upper-case-p (char (string scope1) 0)))
(setq scope1 `',scope1))
`(,how ,(#"getIdentifier" (#"getName" node)) ,(or scope1 'this) ,@(mapcar 'maybe-class
(mapcar (lambda(el) (process-node obj el))
(j2list (#"getArguments" node)))))
(def-java-read FieldAccessExpr sharp-quote-expression-reader ()
(let ((scope (process-node obj (#"getScope" node))))
(if (and (symbolp scope) (upper-case-p (char (string scope) 0)))
`(get-java-field ',(process-node obj (#"getScope" node)) ,(#"getIdentifier" (#"getField" node)) t)
`(get-java-field ,(maybe-class (process-node obj (#"getScope" node))) ,(#"getIdentifier" (#"getField" node)) t))))
(def-java-read ArrayAccessExpr sharp-quote-expression-reader ()
(let ((index (process-node obj (#"getIndex" node))))
(if (symbolp index) (setq index (intern (string-upcase index))))
`(aref ,(process-node obj (#"getName" node)) ,index)))
(def-java-read ClassExpr sharp-quote-expression-reader ()
(let ((name (process-node obj (#"getName" (#"getType" node)))))
(if (eql (search "JSS_" (string name) :test 'equalp) 0)
`(find-java-class ',name))))
(def-java-read NameExpr sharp-quote-expression-reader ()
(process-node obj (#"getName" node)))
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