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Asdf maven updates #68

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Just for now


Fix ASDF usage of MVN module.

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Ferada committed Sep 6, 2017
commit 0c8ffe3c32cfa2cf13b412833f7ac79e5c0a1d34
@@ -14,13 +14,20 @@
(defclass mvn (iri)
((group-id :initarg :group-id :initform nil)
(artifact-id :initarg :artifact-id :initform nil)
(repositories :initarg :repositories :initform nil)
(repositories :initarg :repositories :initform (list abcl-asdf::*default-repository*))
(resolved-classpath :initform nil :accessor resolved-classpath)
(classname :initarg :classname :initform nil)
(alternate-uri :initarg :alternate-uri :initform nil)
;; inherited from ASDF:COMPONENT ??? what are the CL semantics on overriding -- ME 2012-04-01
#+nil (version :initform nil)))

(defmethod shared-initialize ((mvn mvn) slot-names &rest initargs &key (repository NIL repository-p) repositories &allow-other-keys)
(if repository-p
(let ((initargs (list* :repositories (cons repository repositories)
(remove-plist-keys '(:repository :repositories) initargs))))
(apply #'call-next-method mvn slot-names initargs))

;;; We intercept compilation to ensure that load-op will succeed
(defmethod perform ((op compile-op) (c mvn))
(unless (resolved-classpath c)
@@ -537,13 +537,18 @@ in Java CLASSPATH representation."
(setf repositories-p (or repository-p repositories-p))
;; Don't call addRepository if we explicitly specify a NIL repository
((and (not repositories-p))
((not repositories-p)
(#"addRepository" collect-request (ensure-remote-repository)))
(push repository repositories)))
(if (stringp repository)
(push repository repositories)
(#"addRepository" collect-request repository))))
(dolist (repository repositories)
(#"addRepository" collect-request
(ensure-remote-repository :repository repository)))
(let ((r (make-remote-repository "central" "default" repository)))
(when *maven-http-proxy*
(#"setProxy" r (make-proxy)))
(let* ((node
(#"getRoot" (#"collectDependencies" (ensure-repository-system) (ensure-session) collect-request)))
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