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This docker image is meant to be used to generate an allthethings.json file from Mozilla's Release Engineering Buildbot set up. Visit to know more about the file.

Generate allthethings.json

If you just want to generate allthethings.json locally run the following:

docker pull armenzg/releng_buildbot_docker
docker run --name allthethings --rm -i -t releng_buildbot_docker bash
# This will generate an allthethings.json file; it will take few minutes
# On another tab (once the script is done)
docker cp allthethings:/root/.mozilla/releng/repos/buildbot-configs/allthethings.json .

Hack allthethings.json

If you want to modify how allthethings.json is generated you can do so like this:

# Generate the image like this
cd image
docker build -t releng_buildbot_docker .
# Start a container and connect to it
docker run --name allthethings --rm -i -t releng_buildbot_docker bash
# Running this will check out all related repositories and set up the virtualenv
# WARNING: There's a known bug where can only work when
#          there's no virtualenv already set up. The script will fail and move the venv
#          out of the way, thus, working on a following run. Below you will read that you
#          can call the internal script ( we call and that one
#          does not hit the issue.
# All the repositories involved are checked out under ~/.mozilla/releng/repos
# Get to the configs repository
cd ~/.mozilla/releng/repos/buildbot-configs
# Activate the virtualenv
source ../../venv/bin/activate
# Install your favourite editor. I recommend vim
apt-get install -y vim
# Make changes to the repositories you want and run the script
# You will find the newly generated file under /root/.mozilla/releng/repos/buildbot-configs/allthethings.json