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This repository is not maintained any more.

A tool to print document or data. Based on "lp" binary.

Quick Examples

var printer = require ("printer-lp");
var options = {
    destination: "EPSON_SX510",

var text = "package.json";
var file = "package.json";

var jobText = printer.printText(text, options, "text_demo");
var jobFile = printer.printFile(file, options, "file_demo");

var onJobEnd = function () {
    console.log(this.identifier + ", job send to printer queue");

var onJobError = function (message) {
    console.log(this.identifier + ", error: " + message);

jobText.on("end", onJobEnd);
jobText.on("error", onJobError);

jobFile.on("end", onJobEnd);
jobFile.on("error", onJobError);
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