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Vectorized implementation of Ed25519 and Ed448
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This is a mathematical software library for computing the Edwards Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA) and the Diffie-Hellman functions X25519 and X448. The library is optimized with the Intel Advanced Vector eXtensions version 2 (AVX2) and is derived from a research project.

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To compile use:

    $ cd fld_ecc_avx2
    $ mkdir build; cd build
    $ cmake ..
    $ make all


For running the benchmark program use:

    $ ./bin/bench

The timings reported in the paper were obtained using the Clang compiler version 5.

    $ cd fld_ecc_avx2
    $ mkdir build; cd build
    $ CC=/path/to/clang cmake ..
    $ make


For running the tests program use:

    $ ./bin/tests


BSD 3-Clause LICENSE.txt

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