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Just Add Water

Just Add Water is an open-source Wicket project that makes it easy to support user logins in your webapp.

If you're starting from scratch you can use this project as a template and build your app around it. If you have existing code you can simply use it as an example, or copy the relevant parts into your codebase.

It builds on the following projects:

You can try it out at


  • local accounts with passwords, secured via bcrypt
  • "login with Facebook" authentication, using Facebook OAuth 2.0
  • "change password" page
  • "forgot my password" page
  • one-time-login support (with expiration) via generated tokens


You'll first need to build & install wicket-cdi:

Now you can check out Just Add Water:

Facebook Integration

If you're using Facebook logins you'll need to first create your app on Facebook.

Note that it's helpful during debugging to set your site URL to localhost:8080 and domain to localhost; once you've got it working locally you can change these settings to the real values.

Once you've done that and generated an App ID and API key, you can add those values to

Email Integration

In order to support email notifications you'll need to either sign up with ElasticEmail or integrate your own email gateway. I chose ElasticEmail simply because I have other projects that use them, their RESTful API is easy to integrate, and they offer 1000 free emails to start.

Add your Elastic Email username and API key to


Starter project for supporting user accounts, based on Wicket, Wicket-CDI & Twitter Bootstrap




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