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Wicket-Source-Intellij is an Intellij IDEA plugin that works with 42Lines' Wicket-Source browser extension.

It speeds up Wicket development by providing click-through from browser HTML back to the original Wicket components in your source

Plugin Installation

You have two options for installing the plugin:

  1. Follow the standard instructions to install it from the public Jetbrains repository (search for the "Wicket Source" plugin).

  2. Or, download the pre-compiled jar file and install it manually.

Add Wicket-Source to Your Project

Once you've installed the Intellij plugin, you'll need to follow the rest of the instructions from 42Lines for adding the Wicket-Source code to your Wicket project and for adding the extension to Firefox/Chrome.


This code used Alexander Zolotov's RemoteCall project for inspiration; thanks Alexander!

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