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AIGER is a format, library and set of utilities for And-Inverter Graphs (AIGs).
For up-to-date version and more information see ''.

To builb use './ && make'.

The focus is on conversion utilities and a generic reader and writer API. 
A simple AIG library 'SimpAIG' is also included.  It is currently only
used in unrolling sequential models in 'aigunroll'.


    README                       this file
    FORMAT                       detailed description of the format
    LICENSE                      license and copyright


    aiger.h                      API of AIGER library ('aiger.c')
    aiger.c                      read and write AIGs in AIGER format

    simpaig.h                    API of SimpAIG library ('simpaig.c')
    simpaig.c                    A compact and simple AIG library
                                 (independent from 'aiger.c')

    examples/*.aig               simple examples discussed in 'FORMAT'
    examples/*.aag               (same in ASCII format)

    examples/read.c              decoder code for binary integer repr.
    examples/write.c             encoder code for binary integer repr.

    examples/poormanaigtocnf.c   simple applications reading the binary format
    examples/    without use of the AIGER library
                                 (prototypes for competition readers)

    aigand     conjunction of all outputs
    aigbmc     new bounded model checker for format 1.9.x including liveness
    aigdd      delta debugger for AIGs in AIGER format
    aigdep     determine inputs on which the outputs depend
    aigflip    flip/negate all outputs
    aigfuzz    fuzzer for AIGS in AIGER format
    aiginfo    show comments of AIG
    aigjoin    join AIGs over common inputs
    aigmiter   generate miter of AIGER models
    aigmove    treat non-primary outputs as primary outputs
    aignm      show symbol table of AIG
    aigor      disjunction of all outputs
    aigreset   normalize constant reset either to 0 or 1
    aigsim     simulate AIG from stimulus or randomly
    aigsplit   split outputs into separate files
    aigstrip   strip simbols from AIG
    aigtoaig   converts AIG formats (ascii, binary, stripped, compressed)
    aigtocnf   translate combinational AIG into a CNF
    aigtoblif  translate AIG into BLIF
    aigtodot   visualizer for AIGs using 'dot' format
    aigtosmv   translate sequential AIG to SMV format
    andtoaig   translate file of AND gates into AIG
    aigunroll  time frame expansion for bmc (previously called 'aigbmc')
    bliftoaig  translate flat BLIF model into AIG      SAT based model checker for AIGER using these tools
    smvtoaig   translate flat boolean encoded SMV model into AIG
    soltostim  extract input vector from DIMACS solution
    wrapstim   sequential stimulus from expanded combinational stimulus

Armin Biere, JKU, Mai 2014.