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License: MIT

The Kissat SAT Solver

Kissat is a "keep it simple and clean bare metal SAT solver" written in C. It is a port of CaDiCaL back to C with improved data structures, better scheduling of inprocessing and optimized algorithms and implementation.

Coincidentally "kissat" also means "cats" in Finnish.

Run ./configure && make test to configure, build and test in build.

Binaries are provided with each major release.

You can get more information about Kissat in the last solver description for the SAT Competition 2022:

Armin Biere and Mathias Fleury. Gimsatul, IsaSAT and Kissat entering the SAT Competition 2022. In Proc. of SAT Competition 2022 - Solver and Benchmark Descriptions, Tomas Balyo, Marijn Heule, Markus Iser, Matti Järvisalo, Martin Suda (editors), vol. B-2022-1 of Department of Computer Science Report Series B, pages 10-11, University of Helsinki, 2022.
[ paper | bibtex ]

See for feature updates.