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Developing some script and need to upload files on dropbox? Need to use dropbox on your ARM machine but can't get it up-and-running without tearing your keyboard apart or smashing your head on the table? Then this library is probably for you: use dropbox without having the dropbox client installed and make your own scripts do the work for you.

beta disclaimer

This library is currently in beta, and it is meant to be used only in development environment. Use it at your own risk.

State of the project

It is currently possible to authorize your app and upload files. That's it. If you want to contribute you're very well welcomed, if you have some ideas about how to structure the code, what functionalities should be implemented, and so on, you're welcomed too. If you want to complain about issues you're not that welcomed, but still. If you just want to complain about how miserably this library fails to fit your needs, go away.


Available "soon". I swear (yeah, it's been a while, but I will eventually write something, I promise. In the meantime you could check the examples directory).