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##valinor Circle CI

Generate debugger project files, and launch a debugger, to debug an ELF file.

valinor is designed to be used as a proxy debug command for yotta targets to provide as their scripts.debug command. See the yotta targets guide for more details about debug support in yotta.


valinor [-t IDE_TOOL] [-d PROJECT_DIR] [-n] --target TARGET executable
  • TARGET is a target name that project_generator will accept, for example K64F.
  • -t IDE_TOOL, --tool IDE_TOOL The Debug tool (IDE) to generate for. If omitted, a debug project will be generated for an IDE detected on your system, defaulting to opening a GDB debug session, if no known IDEs are detected.
  • -d PROJECT_DIR, --project-dir PROJECT_DIR The directory in which to generate any necessary project files. Defaults to the directory of the executable argument.
  • -n, --no-open Do not open the debug session, just generate the necessary files to enable debugging, and print the command that would be necessary to proceed.
  • --target TARGET The target board to generate a project file for (e.g. K64F). This name is passed to project_generator, so any name that project_generator accepts will work.
  • executable Path to an ELF file (with debug symbols) to debug.

Using in yotta target descriptions

To use valinor to add debug support to a yotta target description add this to your target.json file (replacing K64F with the project_generator target ID for the chip or board on your target):

        "debug": ["valinor", "--target", "frdm-k64f", "$program"]