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D3 plugin for creating and positioning circle and text annotation. Useful for commenting on an area of a graphic or map.

Inspired by the swoopyDrag plugin and the annotation on maps like these from the New York Times.


Ring Notes
Map Annotation
Chart Annotation

How To Use

Save the d3-ring-note.js file from this repo and include it in your HTML after including D3:

<script src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
<script src="d3-ring-note.js"></script>

API Reference

# d3.ringNote()

Creates a new annotation generator (see below how to use this).

# ringNote(selection, annotations)

Draws the annotation on the selection. The selection argument will usually be an svg <g> node and the annotations argument will be an array of objects, each a specification for an individual annotation. The annotations array will look something like this:

var annotations = [
    "cx": 40,
    "cy": 100,
    "r": 25,
    "text": "Something important you should know",
    "textWidth": 150,
    "textOffset": [35, 40] 

Each annotation's specification has the following properties:

  • cx - x-coordinate of the circle's center
  • cy - y-coordinate of the circle's center
  • r - radius of the circle
  • text - the text to be displayed
  • textWidth - the width (in pixels) at which the text should wrap into multi-line text (optional)
  • textOffset - array [x, y] defining location of the text relative to the circle's center

After you have positioned the annotation, you can open your browser's console and run copy(annotations). This will save the updated annotation data to your clipboard. You can then paste it into your text editor, overwriting the old annotations array.

The copy() function works in Chrome and Firefox but not Internet Explorer. For IE you can run JSON.stringify(annotations) and then manually copy the text that gets output using your mouse.

The ringNote function returns the original selection which allows for method chaining:

    .attr("class", "annotations")
    .call(ringNote, annotations)
  .selectAll(".annotation circle")
    .style("fill", "none");

Each annotation is wrapped in a <g class="annotation">...</g> node, letting you select and style the annotation's elements (e.g., the circle, path and text). Data from the annotations array is bound to this node so you can style annotations differently based on data.

# ringNote.draggable(draggable)

Defines whether the annotation should be draggable, true or false. If true then you will be able to move the circle's center, adjust the radius and move the text's location relative to the center.

Defaults to false which disables this functionality and removes the draggable dashed-line circles.


D3 plugin for placing circle and text annotation






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