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Generating tiling texture:
  • Clone or download this repository.
  • Copy files from /plugin_texsynt into ArmorPaint/data/plugins.
  • Run ArmorPaint, go to Plugins tab - Manager and enable texsynt plugin.
  • Open Nodes editor.
  • Base Color socket is used to specify input image.
  • Occlusion socket is used to specify borders mask. A bundled texsynt_tile.jpg image can be used.
  • Open layer 2D View and fill it using Fill Tool.
  • Click Plugins - Texture Synthesis - Make Tiling. Depending on texture and cpu speed, this can take several minutes! Expect a speedup once rust->wasm threading is supported.
  • A new tiling texture will be generated and placed in the Textures tab. This texture can now be used inside ArmorPaint or exported by right-clicking on the texture and clicking Export.

Notes on Compiling Rust to Wasm:

  • Run cargo install wasm-pack.
  • In Cargo.toml:
crate-type = ["cdylib"]

wasm-bindgen = "0.2"
  • No threading for rust->wasm yet. :( Comment out #1 and #2.
  • wasm-pack build to build.
  • C-like / unsafe Rust bindings prototype (do not do this, proof of concept only):
extern crate wasm_bindgen;
use wasm_bindgen::prelude::*;

// These are accessible as WebAssembly memory
static mut MEM_IMAGE: [u8; 512*512*4] = [0; 512*512*4];
static mut MEM_TILE: [u8; 512*512*4] = [0; 512*512*4];

// Retrieve WebAssembly memory address
pub fn get_image_mem() -> *const u8 { unsafe { MEM_IMAGE.as_ptr() } }

pub fn get_tile_mem() -> *const u8 { unsafe { MEM_TILE.as_ptr() } }

pub fn make_tiling() -> *const u8 {
    unsafe {
        // MEM_IMAGE and MEM_TILE is supposed to be filled with image pixels now
        let image_buffer = image::ImageBuffer::from_raw(512, 512, MEM_IMAGE.to_vec()).unwrap();
        let tile_buffer = image::ImageBuffer::from_raw(512, 512, MEM_TILE.to_vec()).unwrap();
        let image = image::DynamicImage::ImageRgba8(image_buffer);
        let tile = image::DynamicImage::ImageRgba8(tile_buffer);
        let texsynth = Session::builder()
            .inpaint_example(tile, Example::new(image))
            .resize_input(512, 512)
            .output_size(512, 512)
        let generated =;
        let pixels = generated.into_image().raw_pixels();
        // Perhaps copy the pixels into MEM_OUTPUT first and return MEM_OUTPUT.as_ptr()
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