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Portable immediate mode UI library designed for tools and debug interfaces. Written in Haxe and Kha, used in ArmorPaint.

Getting started

  • Clone into your_kha_project/Libraries
  • Add project.addLibrary('zui'); into khafile.js
	// In init()
	var ui = new Zui({ font: myFont });

	// In render()
	public function render(frames: Array<Framebuffer>) {
		var g = frames[0].g2;
		// Draw your stuff...

		if (ui.window(Id.handle(), x, y, w, h, drag)) {
			if (ui.button("Hello")) {

		// Draw more stuff...


function tab(handle: Handle, text: String, vertical = false): Bool;
function panel(handle: Handle, text: String, isTree = false): Bool;
function image(image: Image, tint = 0xffffffff): State;
function text(text: String, align = Left, bg = 0x00000000);
function textInput(handle: Handle, label = "", align = Left): String;
function button(text: String, align = Center, label = ""): Bool;
function check(handle: Handle, text: String): Bool;
function radio(groupId: Handle, pos: Int, text: String): Bool;
function combo(handle: Handle, texts: Array<String>, label = ""): Int;
function slider(handle: Handle, text: String, from: Float, to: Float, filled = false, precision = 100, displayValue = true): Float;
function tooltip(text: String);
function tooltipImage(image: Image);

// Formatting
function row(ratios: Array<Float>);
function separator(h = 4, fill = true);
function indent();
function unindent();

Id.hx - simple macros to generate handles

var state = ui.check(Id.handle(), "Check Box");

Ext.hx - prebuilt elements:

function colorWheel(...); // See examples
function fileBrowser(...);
function inlineRadio(handle: Handle, texts: Array<String>): Int;
function textArea(handle: Handle, align = Left): String;

Nodes.hx - drawing node systems

nodes.nodeCanvas(...); // See examples


Check out examples/ folder. To run specific example, simply drop it's folder into KodeStudio and hit run. If you are having trouble compiling, clone latest Kha repository into your example folder (alongside the khafile.js). This will let KodeStudio pick up the most recent Kha.


Themes can be defined using TTheme typedef. Check zui.Themes class for example. Set ZuiOptions.theme when creating new Zui instance to overwrite default theme.


Check element for changes

var hcombo = Id.handle();
ui.combo(hcombo, ["Item 1", "item 2"]);
if (hcombo.changed) {
	trace("Combo value changed this frame");

Force redrawing zui window on demand

function render(..) {
    // Get window handle
    var hwin = Id.handle();
    // Force redraw - set each frame or whenever desired
    hwin.redraws = 1;
    if (ui.window(hwin, x, y, w, h)) { ... }

Using render targets - prevent nested begin/end calls



zui.begin(); // Zui also draws to texture..


Using Id.handle() in a for loop

// Id.handle() works at compile time
// Call .nest() to get unique handle per iteration
for (i in 0...3) Id.handle().nest(i);
// Or use new zui.Handle() directly

Set initial Id.handle() state

var h1 = Id.handle({selected: true});
var h2 = Id.handle({position: 0});
var h3 = Id.handle({value: 1.0});
var h4 = Id.handle({text: "Text"});

Custom integration

Using the powerful render target system of Kha, it is possible to easily integrate the library into any scenario. Set ZuiOptions.autoNotifyInput to false when creating a new Zui instance. You can then manually process the input and render the resulting texture in any way you may need.

zui.onMouseDown(button:Int, x: Int, y: Int)
zui.onMouseUp(button:Int, x: Int, y: Int)
zui.onMouseMove(x: Int, y: Int, movementX: Int, movementY: Int)
zui.onMouseWheel(delta: Int)

Inspired by imgui.