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from armstrong.utils.backends import GenericBackend
from authorize import aim
from authorize import arb
import datetime
from django.conf import settings as django_settings
from . import forms
from . import signals
class Backend(object):
Provides a backend that shows the methods required for a valid backend
Backends must provide the two methods shown in this class in order to be
able to process incoming donations.
def get_form_class(self):
Returns the form class this backend can process
You *must* implement this method on any backends you create.
You can use this to provide a custom form for each backend that adds
behavior specific to that backend. For example, the
``AuthorizeNetBackend`` provides various methods of representing credit
card information depending on the context. Using this method, it
provides a custom ``forms.AuthorizeDonationForm`` that is capable of
extracting that data.
raise NotImplementedError
def purchase(self, donation, form):
Finalizes the donation by processing the created donation
You *must* implement this method on any backends you create.
This takes both a ``Donation`` model instance and an instance of the
form returned by ``get_form_class``. It should handle any
communication with the processing gateway and should mark
``donation.processed`` as ``True`` once it's successfully completed.
raise NotImplementedError
def send_successful_purchase(self, donation, form, result):
Called by ``purchase`` after a donation has been succesfully
This function is used to trigger the ``successful_purchase``
signal while providing a flex point for developers to perform
an action based on the successful donation prior to the signal
being sent.
signals.successful_purchase.send(sender=self, donation=donation,
form=form, result=result)
class AuthorizeNetBackend(Backend):
def __init__(self, api_class=None, recurring_api_class=None,
settings=None, testing=None):
if api_class is None:
api_class = aim.Api
self.api_class = api_class
if settings is None:
settings = django_settings
self.settings = settings
if recurring_api_class is None:
recurring_api_class = arb.Api
self.recurring_api_class = recurring_api_class
if testing is None:
testing = getattr(self.settings, "ARMSTRONG_DONATIONS_TESTING",
self.testing = testing
def get_form_class(self):
return forms.AuthorizeDonationForm
def purchase(self, donation, form):
result = self.onetime_purchase(donation, form)
if not result["status"]:
return result
if donation.is_repeating:
response = self.recurring_purchase(donation, form)
result["recurring_response"] = response
if result["status"]:
donation.processed = True
self.send_successful_purchase(donation, form, result)
return result
def get_api(self):
return self.api_class(self.settings.AUTHORIZE["LOGIN"],
self.settings.AUTHORIZE["KEY"], delimiter=u"|",
def get_recurring_api(self):
return self.recurring_api_class(self.settings.AUTHORIZE["LOGIN"],
self.settings.AUTHORIZE["KEY"], is_test=self.testing)
def recurring_purchase(self, donation, form):
today =
start_date = u"%s" % ((today + datetime.timedelta(days=30))
api = self.get_recurring_api()
data = form.get_data_for_charge(donation, recurring=True)
"amount": donation.amount,
"interval_unit": arb.MONTHS_INTERVAL,
"interval_length": u"%d" % donation.donation_type.length,
"bill_first_name": u"%s" % donation.donor.first_name,
"bill_last_name": u"%s" % donation.donor.last_name,
"total_occurrences": donation.donation_type.repeat,
"start_date": start_date,
if self.testing:
data["test_request"] = u"TRUE"
response = api.create_subscription(**data)
status = response["messages"]["result_code"]["text_"] == u"Ok"
return {
"status": status,
def onetime_purchase(self, donation, form):
api = self.get_api()
data = form.get_data_for_charge(donation)
donor = donation.donor
if donation.donation_type:
suffix = ""
if donation.donation_type.is_repeating:
repeats = int(donation.donation_type.repeat + 1)
suffix = " (Repeats %d)" % repeats
description = u"Membership: %s%s" % (, suffix)
description = u"Donation: $%d" % donation.amount
"amount": donation.amount,
"description": description,
"first_name": unicode(donor.first_name),
"last_name": unicode(donor.last_name),
# TODO: extract and be conditional
"address": donor.address.address,
"state": donor.address.state,
"zip": donor.address.zipcode,
if self.testing:
data["test_request"] = u"TRUE"
response = api.transaction(**data)
status = response["reason_code"] == u"1"
return {
"status": status,
"reason": response["reason_text"],
"response": response,
raw_backend = GenericBackend("ARMSTRONG_DONATIONS_BACKEND", defaults=[
get_backend = raw_backend.get_backend