Conway's Game of Life in Ruby
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Conway's Game of Life, in Ruby

Build Status


See the notes file for details about my thoughts.


  • If you are using rvm, as soon as you cd into this directory a gemset will be created, wherein all the gems will be installed by bundler
  • So the only steps you need to take are:
    1. gem install bundler
    2. bundle install

How to play

  • Run the cucumber steps to see examples.
  • You can play with the code with the simple script provided: ./scripts/play_game.rb examples/pulsar.txt



Build your own

  • Follow setup steps above if you have not already
  • Generate the yard dpcumentation by running: yard server --reload
  • Then you can see it at http://localhost:8808/

Supported Rubies

Tested against the following Ruby implementations:


Copyright (c) 2012 Arnab Deka. See LICENSE for details.