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GW2 Api Client

This project can be used to request GW2 api through PHP.

It is currently used by

The classes I wrote are very robust : retries when the api is not well responding, it manages long list of ids while manking several request and returning to you the whole response, and so on.

Init objects

// init Environment
$env = new Arnapou\GW2Api\Environment();

// init cache (here it is a Mongo cache, but it can be a file cache or whatever you want)
$mongo   = MongoDB\Client('mongodb://localhost:27017', [], ['typeMap' => ['root' => 'array', 'document' => 'array']]);
$mongoDB = $mongo->selectDatabase("my_db");
$cache   = new Arnapou\GW2Api\Cache\MongoCache($mongoDB);

// init storage (optional, but recommended, here, we used the same mongo database as before)
$storage = new Arnapou\GW2Api\Storage\MongoStorage($mongoDB);

// set lang (en, fr, de, es)

// set access token

Browse account through objects (use storage if set)

$account = new Arnapou\GW2Api\Model\Account($env);


$account->getCharacter('My Character Name')->getEquipment('Helm')->getName();

Use api to retrieve raw api data (ignore storage, only cache is used)



Fully custom use

// get api raw data
$data = $env->getClientVersion2()->apiPets([28]);

// instanciate object with data and use it as you wish
$pet = new Arnapou\GW2Api\Model\Pet($env, $data[0]);


  • PHP 7+
  • PECL extension mongodb version >=1.1.0 and <2.0.0