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Ruby parser to work with ISO8601 dateTimes and durations —
Ruby Makefile
Latest commit 67bd6e4 May 21, 2016 @arnau Bump version to 0.9.1


Version 0.9.0 is not compatible with previous versions. Atoms and Durations changed their interface when treating base dates so it is only applied when computing the Atom length (e.g. #to_seconds). As a consequence, it is no longer possible to do operations like DateTime + Duration.

Version 1.0.0 will lock public interfaces.

Check the changelog if you are upgrading from an older version.


ISO8601 is a simple implementation of the ISO 8601 (Data elements and interchange formats — Information interchange — Representation of dates and times) standard.

Build status

Build Status Dependency Status Gem Version

Supported versions

  • MRI 2.x
  • RBX 2
  • JRuby 9


Check the rubydoc documentation. Or take a look to the implementation notes:



# Install Docker
$ make install
$ make test

You can alse target specific runtimes:

$ make mri-test
$ make rbx-test
$ make jruby-test


The old fashion way:

# Install a Ruby flavour
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rspec



Please see


Arnau Siches under the MIT License

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