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Sparse MerkleTree implementation in Rust
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Sparse MerkleTree implementation in Rust.

The MerkleTree is optimized in the design and concepts, to have a faster and lighter MerkleTree, maintaining compatibility with a non optimized MerkleTree. In this way, the MerkleRoot of the optimized MerkleTree will be the same that the MerkleRoot of the non optimized MerkleTree.

Compatible with the Go version:


Create new tree:

// to build the storage, the first parameter is the path and the second parameter specifies if wants to use a in_memory database or a directory of the filesystem
let mut sto = db::Db::new("test".to_string(), true);
let mut mt: MerkleTree::new(&mut sto, 140);

Add value to leaf:

let val = TestValue {
  bytes: "this is a test leaf".as_bytes().to_vec(),
  index_length: 15,

Get proof:

let mp = mt.generate_proof(val.hi());

Verify proof:

// check if the value exist
let v = verify_proof(mt.root, mp, val.hi(),, mt.num_levels);

// check if the don't value exist (in that case, the 'ht' will be an empty value)
let v = verify_proof(mt.root, mp, val.hi(), EMPTYNODEVALUE, mt.num_levels);
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